From butter churn to wall lamp, Autumn 2023

From butter churn to wall lamp, Autumn 2023

The given task was to design and manufacture complements to a lamp holder so that the result would become a unique lamp. The lamp had to consist of existing wooden products (preferably discarded products that we gave new life to) that we had to modify or otherwise utilized creatively. The product had to mainly be made of wood.


The wall lamp “KÄRNA” is the result of my own planning and manufacturing in this intensive course “Wood workshop project”, which took place for a few weeks after the autumn break 2023.


The focus of the course was on the design process rather than the end result, and the main thing I learned from this course was to trust the process by not stressing out a beautiful predetermined end result. The final result looks nowhere near the first sketches I made and I have realized how important it is to let the impulses be free to take place throughout the process in order to create something unique.


It was also interesting to learn to understand how to think when designing a new product from an already existing product with a design language from before. In my design the origin has really been allowed to shine through.


In addition to this, I have also become braver to use the woodworking machines in the workshop and to dare to test different things on my own, which also itself benefits the creative process.


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