Original Painting vs. Fine Art Prints

Here are some information to help you understand the difference between Fine art prints and Original paintings


A Fine Art Print is printed with an advanced printing method called Giclée Fine Art, also known as pigment print or art print. In the printing process the motifs get an extra color depth, several different color shades and a fine richness of detail.

Fine art prints are created to be as close to the original artwork as possible. Original Paintings are one-of-a-kind artworks while Fine Art Prints are reproductions of the original artwork. Prints are less expensive while still being stunning, and a print can still hold and increase in value over time. Because of their rising quality and affordable price, buyers are drawn to fine art prints. A print is typically less expensive than an original painting because it is not a one-of-a-kind work and is generally mass produced.

By Anna Linnéa´s Fine Art Prints is produced in a limited edition that is determined before printing. It is signed by the artist and each sheet is numbered, or alternatively send with a certificate of authenticity. Prints will be available to order in 2023.

An Original painting has textured brush strokes and a print is flat and has a dot matrix pattern. An Original Painting has irregular and uneven paint on the edges of the stretched canvas. A Print usually has sharp, even and clean edges; where the buyer typically does not look. An Original Painting has rich and vibrant colors, and overall, looks, feels and smells like an original.

Fine Art Prints bear the trace of the artist’s hand, as well as the marks of the printer the artist has chosen to work with. The prints are just as original as the artists sculptures, paintings, or photographs.


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